Saint Nikolay the Wonderworker

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Nicholas means Conqueror.
St. Nicholas is the hero who commands the sea, the waters and the winds. He is the master of winter, snow and icy wind.
Merchants and bankers, millers, hunters, fishermen and shepherds celebrate.
The Orthodox Church celebrates it on 6th of December.

Koli is sacrificed, necessarily fish.
Shepherds go above and beyond with their shepherd gags. Whoever throws the farthest, his sheep will be the healthiest and most fertile during the year.

Weather forecasts
The day marks the real winter.
A cold Nicholas Day promises a healthy and fruitful year.

Name days
Nikolai, Nikola, Nino, Nicoleta, Nikolina, Nina, Coco, Kolo, Kolyo, Kuncho, Kuno.

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