Bulgarian Mint of the Bulgarian National Bank provides its customers with a new rose gold plating service. Rose gold plating is an alloy that combines two elements – gold and copper. This process of mixing and compounding allows the characteristic shade of pink color to be achieved, but also gives it greater strength and durability. Our 18k rose gold plating gives the products a beautiful finish.

Bulgarian Mint of the Bulgarian National Bank accepts orders for the following electroplating services: 
– Rose gold plating 18 carats;
– Gold plating 24 carats;
– Silver plating;
– Copper plating;
– Anodizing and coloring of aluminum.

Objects up to 20x15x2 cm in size can be immersed in the gold bath and up to 40x25x6 cm in the others. There are no restrictions of the size for anodizing.

Ous chemist specialist at Bulgarian Mint will make an appraisal of the item and pricing for it. You can restore the shine of old jewelry, buttons, corks, knives, cutlery, coasters, cabinet handles, small beautiful and valuable dishes and many others.

To place an order, please bring your item for evaluation to Bulgarian Mint address:
6, 5006 str., Gara Iskar, 1528 Sofia, Bulgaria