About us

Bulgarian Mint is the body permitted to manufacture coins. It operates as a company which has an exclusive contract with Bulgarian National Bank to supply all coinage for Republic of Bulgaria. Only coins made by Bulgarian Mint are considered legal tender. Bulgarian Mint Ltd is a joint stock company 100% owned by Bulgarian National Bank.


The primary mission of  Bulgarian Mint is to manufacture circulating coins, collectible coins,  national medals and seals with the state coat of arms to meet the needs of the Republic of Bulgaria. In addition to producing coins and medals, Bulgarian Mint also mints and exports coins to other countries and manufactures commemorative medals, civilian decorations, orders, municipalities’ insignia of honour, medals for sports events, jewellery items, plaquets, custom-made products like badges, key-holders, tie pins etc., circulated mint collector sets, replicas of medieval Bulgarian coins, necklaces for university rectors and deans as well as for the members of the Constitutional Court and other institutions, etc.

Bulgarian Mint serves the country by applying best business practices in making and protecting our nation’s coinage. It takes great pride in presenting the history of Bulgarian nation in enduring examples of numismatic art.

Brief History And Structure

Bulgarian Mint was founded in 1952 and minted coins for the first time since 14-th century. The coins produced were of nominal value of 1, 3 and 5 stotinki in bronze and 10 and 20 in copper-nickel alloy.
In 1962 the first orders and medals were manufactured.
In 1965 the first commemorative coins of gold and silver alloy were minted.
In 1994 the first commemorative platinum coin was produced.
Due to expanding production Bulgarian Mint moved to new premises in 1972 which occupies at present. The structure of production consists of the following departments:

  • Tool production
  • Coin production
  • Order production
  • Medals, badges and insignia production

In 2010 the legal status of Bulgarian Mint was changed to joint stock company, 100% owned by Bulgarian National Bank.


Bulgarian Mint is guided by the following principles:

  • Professionalism and responsibility in every link of the supply chain – from design and engineering, to manufacturing and service delivery for the customer satisfaction.
  • Highest quality in all products and services.
  • Proper application of the established European standards and production technologies.

Quality Management And Safety

Our sixty years commitment to manufacturing products of highest quality is confirmed by quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 and health and safety certificate OHSAS 18001:2007 issued by TUV RHEINLAND BULGARIA EOOD.
Bulgarian Mint participates in auctions to win a contract for the production of circulation and commemorative coins and medals for foreign Mints.