Saint John the baptist

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John the Baptist was charged with the mission to “baptize water, land, young brides and children”. It is his honor to baptize Christ with water, that he may baptize with spirit and word.
The saint helps with various diseases, but those suffering from headaches should especially pray to him.
The Church celebrates it on 7th of January, also called Women’s Waters, because of the role women have in the rituals.

Baptized and sanctified, water can now heal, drive away evil, give vitality and health. It is good for everyone to experience its magical power on Midsummer’s Day.
The festive table is very rich – wheat, oshaf, pork with cabbage, sujuk, blood pudding, banitsa.

Weather forecasts
If there is no snow and ice on Midsummer’s Day, there will be diseases in people and livestock in the summer.
As the coldness on St. John’s Day, so will the heat on St. Peter’s Day.

Name days
Ivan, Ivana, John, Jean, Ivo, Jonka, Iovo and their derivatives.

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