Saint Archangel Michael

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On the ninth month of the creation of the world, starting from March, the day of the angel with the nine ranks of angels – Archangel Michael – is celebrated. This day is dedicated to all the angels and their leaders. The church celebrates it on 8th of November.

A rite in honor of souls, based on the belief in the immortality of the soul. On it, people honor their dead relatives. They go to the grave, pour wine and water. They give out grain for “God forgive the souls”. They light candles, knead cakes.

On Archangel’s Day, a male animal is sacrificed.
The day is the last of the great autumn holidays and marks the beginning of a period in which the fasting world awaits and prepares for the great Christmas miracle – the birth of Christ.

Weather forecasts
If on Archangel’s Day the weather is clear and frost falls, the winter will be good.

Name days
Angel, Angelina, Archangel, Rangel, Gabriel, Fire, Flame, Raya, Raina, Seraphim, Michael, Raphael and their derivatives.

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