Saint Sophia the Martyr and her daughters Faith, Hope and Charity

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At the end of the first and beginning of the second century, a pious Christian woman named Sophia lived in Rome. Her name meant wisdom, her life was filled with wisdom, charity and kindness. She had three daughters, whom she named after the three greatest Christian virtues – Faith, Hope and Love. People talked about their Christian faith, which at that time few dared to profess openly. Emperor Hadrian, a cruel persecutor of Christians, learned about them and tried to persuade each of the sisters to apostatize from the faith. But they did not accept the temptations offered to them and were martyred.
The Church also honors Saint Sophia as a martyr, because as a mother she experienced with her heart the terrible tortures for Christ of her beloved daughters.
In their honor, Christians celebrate on September 17.

Faith – Vera, Verislava, Verina, Veradin, Verin, Verun, Vercho
Nadezhda – Nada, Nadina, Natsa, Nadelina, Natso, Nadko
Love – Love, Beloved, Love, Love, Beloved, Lubo, Lubomil
Sofia – Sonia, Sofiika, Sofitsa, Sofka, Sofianka, etc.

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