Saint Constantine the Great and Saint Helena

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St. Constantine the Great is one of the most popular figures among the canonized saints in the history of the Christian Middle Ages. The time of his reign marked the end of three centuries of persecution of Christianity within the borders of the Roman Empire. He ruled without violence, allowed the construction of Christian temples, accepted Christianity himself and did a lot for its official enforcement.
Mother Elena accepted the Christian faith long before her son. In Jerusalem, she discovered the life-giving cross of the Lord and built several churches. Her relics were found in the same grave as those of her son. The Orthodox world tells miracles about the healing power of her mortal remains.
The Church celebrates in their honor on 21st of May.

One goes to healing water (ayazmo), one washes one’s face for health and beauty. In some places, merchants celebrate St. Constantine and Helena as their patrons.
Nestinari played in Strandzhansko on that day.

Name days
Konstantin and Konstantina, Elena and Elenko and their derivatives.

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