Jesus Christ Pantocrator

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Jesus Christ is revered by Christians as the son of God, the embodiment of the Word of God, sent to bring salvation and reconciliation with God through redemption of human sins. With his birth, a new moment in human history begins and begins new year lotto.
Christians believe that Christ performed a number of miracles, fulfilling Bible prophecies.

The holiday
25th of December – Christmas.

The meal should be rich and not raised all day. Fresh pita, pacha, roast pork, pie, pastrami with cabbage, roast chicken, roast liver are on order.
Straw is tied to the fruit trees so that they bear fruit.
The carolers should be the first to announce the miracle called the Nativity of Christ. They go in groups and bless every home.

Name days
Christo, Christina, Bozin, Itso, Icho.

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