Silver coin of tsar Theodor Svetoslav Terter

30,00 лв.


Silver coin of tsar Theodor Svetoslav (1300-1321)

Obverse: ІС ХС Christ, nimbate, wearing tunic and colobion, seated upon throne, right hand raised in benediction, holds Gospels in left.

Reverse: СВZТНСЛАВ ЧР БЛГАРWМ The tsar standing facing, wearing stemma, divitision, chlamys and loros, holds in right hand scepter cruciger and in left anexikakia.

National Archaeological Institute with Museum

Technical parameters
Metal – copper 999/1000 with silver plating, antique finish
Quality – PROOF
Weight – 15 g
Diameter – 34 mm
Packaging – capsule and luxury cardboard packaging

The long reign of Tsar Theodore Svetoslav Terter (1301-1322) marked a new, turning point in the development of the Bulgarian Medieval coinage. The intensive minting of the first Bulgarian silver coins began in his days. They are also the first Bulgarian Medieval coins, which became known to the academic community in the 19th c. Unlike the emissions of the earlier Bulgarian monarchs, which are scyphati, the silver coins of Theodore Svetoslav have flat flans. With them, the silver denomination was permanently introduced into production as the main one, and this trend was continued by almost all subsequent Bulgarian rulers. Only one type of silver coins was issued in the name of Theodore Svetoslav, whose images are distinguished by the linear and schematic style characteristic of the Medieval art.

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