Silver coin of tsar Ivan Alexander

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Silver coin of tsar Ivan Alexander (1331-1371)

Obverse: ІС ХС Christ, nimbate, wearing tunic and colobion, seated upon throne, right hand raised in benediction, holds Gospels in left.

Reverse: АЛЕ БЛ ЧР ГР М The tsar standing facing, wearing stemma, divitision and loros, holds in right hand scepter cruciger and globus cruciger in left.

National Archaeological Institute with Museum

Technical parameters
Metal – copper 999/1000 with silver plating, antique finish
Quality – PROOF
Weight – 15 g
Diameter – 34 mm
Packaging – capsule and luxury cardboard packaging

Tsar Ivan Alexander (1331-1371) was the ruler with the longest reign in the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In his time, the Bulgarian Medieval coinage, a yield mostly of the metropolitan mint in Tarnovo, reached its peak both in the amount of coins issued and in terms of their typological diversity. Two types of silver coins were struck in the name of Ivan Alexander appearing within numerous hoards on the territories of Medieval Bulgaria as well as in the rest of the Balkan countries.

The production of the first type, of which a smaller number of pieces is known, probably began very soon after Ivan Alexander ascended the throne of Tarnovo in 1331. The coins have been well done with carefully engraved dies and a clear pattern, but in a schematic and a bit coarse style.

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