Copper coin of tsar Ivan Assen II

30,00 лв.


Copper skyphata of tsar Ivan Assen II (1218-1241)

Obverse: ІС ХС Facing bust of Christ, nimbate, wearing tunic and colobion, right hand raised in benediction, holds Gospels in left.

Reverse: ІW АСЭНЬ ЧР СТЫ ДНМТР The tsar (left) and St. Demetrius (right) both standing facing, holding between them scepter surmounted by eight-pointed star. The tsar wears stemma, divitision and chlamys, holds scepter with cross in r. hand. St. Demetrius wears short military tunic, breastplate and sagion, holds sword pointed downwards in l. hand.

Technical parameters
Metal – copper  999/1000
Quality – PROOF
Weight – 15 g
Diameter – 34 mm
Packaging – capsule and luxury cardboard packaging

A type of copper scyphati belonging to the coinage of Tsar Ivan Assen II (1218-1241) is known distinguished by its fine and elegant workmanship. Like the golden, the copper coins of the Bulgarian Tsar were struck in the Thessaloniki Mint and were mainly of a propaganda nature. Such coins were found mostly in the today’s geographical area of Macedonia. The copper scyphati of Ivan Assen II were especially issued and designed for distribution in the territories annexed after 1230 to the Kingdom, inhabited by Bulgarian population. This is the reason to have the legends on these coins in Bulgarian and they oftenest appear on the territory of the most significant medieval settlements in Macedonia.

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 1 cm