Imperial eagle medal

139,00 лв.


The imperial eagle is honoured as a sacred bird because our nation believed that it drove away the storm clouds and saved the harvest. Nowadays, in some regions of Bulgaria, people believe that if someone kills or hurts the eastern imperial eagle, great trouble will befall among all the people. Its popular name is the “cross” eagle because while in flight the white spots on its wings, resembling general epaulettes, and the bright head looks like a cross.

The imperial eagle is one of the rarest birds in Bulgaria and in the world. In the past it was among the most common birds of prey in our country. Today, its population numbers only 35 pairs.

An eagle itself is symbol of impetus and freedom. It also represents immortality and it is the embodiment if divine love manifested on earth. Among the birds, the eagle plays the same role as the lion on earth – he is the “lord of the heavens”.

Technical parameters
Metal – silver 999/1000, antique-finish
Quality – matt with deep relief and encrusted Swarovski crystal in the eagle`s eye
Weight – 31,10 g
Diameter – 40 mm
Obverse – Imperial eagle
Reverse – Bulgarian Mint of the Bulgarian National bank logo
Issue – 3000 pieces
Capsule and luxury cardboard packaging


Additional information

Weight 0,100 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 cm