Saint Demetrius

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Saint Demetrius was the mayor of Thessalonica and after his death remained the defender of Thessalonica – he chased away the enemies, performed miracles, healed the sick, interceded for all who sought his help.
It is believed that the saint helps with various joint diseases, bone problems, sprains.
On Dimitrov Day – October 26, the transition from summer and autumn to winter ends.
Bulgarians honor him as the patron saint of Slavism.

Dimitrovden is a day for village gatherings, for sacrifices, for general rejoicing. It is also called Debauchery, because on it the workers are freed from the owners they worked for and settled in a new place. Just like on Ignazhden, it is monitored which guest will cross the threshold of the house first. If he is good, wealthy and lucky, what will happen will be good.

Weather forecasts
As the weather is on Dimitrov’s Day, it will be the same on Christmas and St. George’s Day.
If no rain falls by Dimitrovden, there will be poor fertility in the coming year.

Name days
Dimitar, Dimitrina, Dimitraki, Dicho, Dimko, Dimana, Dimitrica, Mitra, Mityo and their derivatives.

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