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Christmas is perceived as the brightest, most loved and revered religious holiday among peoples who have accepted the Christian faith. On it Christians celebrate the birth of the Son of God Jesus Christ. According to the Gospel of Luke, this happened in the city of Bethlehem, in the province of Judea.

In Bulgaria, the Christmas holiday, in some regions it is also called “Bozhik” and “Christmas Eve”, is a continuation of the Christmas Eve holiday and the custom-ritual tradition is very rich.

It starts at midnight with the custom of caroling. It features carolers – men – bachelors, fiancés and younger, soon-to-be-married men. Their preparation starts from Ignazhden.
The festively dressed carolers wear kalpaks decorated with wrists, and carry “patterned sticks” in their hands and sing carol songs.
It is believed that carolers with their songs have the power to drive away vampires, goblins, etc.
In every home they perform songs for glorification of the owners and auspiciousness.

Name days
Hristo, Radoslava, Radoslav, Bozhidar, Emil, Emmanuel, Christian, Christiana, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christina, etc.

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