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On this day, the Archangel Gabriel announced to the St. Mary that she would give birth to the expected Savior of mankind, the son of God – Jesus Christ.
It is always celebrated on 25th of March and it is part of the Easter holiday cycle.
It is respected by all the main Christian denominations – Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism.
Annunciation is the day that is celebrated in a particularly solemn way in the ancient capital temple “St Sophia”, which adopted it as its temple holiday.

On Blagovets, fish is eaten, a ritual pie and honey, chives and “something green” – for example spinach. Everyone should have money in their pocket, if the cuckoo crows, you should be full and with full pockets. Do not knit or sew. Beekeepers open the hives and release the bees to collect sweet honey.

Folk tradition says that cuckoos and swallows fly to Blagovec to bring the good news that winter is gone and summer has come. If a person dreams of a swallow, this is good. If he catches it in his hand in a dream, it means an acquisition.

Weather forecasts
The weather in Blagovec will be the same throughout the year. If the weather is clear, the hives will be good and the year will be fertile.

Name days
Blaga, Blago, Blagovesta, Blagoi, Vangelia, Eva, Evangelina, Gavril and their derivatives.



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