Rozhen Monastery, silver

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Rozhen Monastery The Nativity of the Mother of God is a medieval monastery, the largest in the Pirin region in Bulgaria. It is believed that it has been created in the 13th century, for which there is information from Greek manuscripts. In addition, during excavations in the monastery, Byzantine coins from this period were found, which gives additional weight to these claims.
The monastery was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 1973. Only six km away from the town of Melnik, the location of the monastery provides an amazing view. To the southwest, the border mountain Slavyanka is revealed, while to the northeast the snowy peaks of Pirin are visible. In front of them, there are the bizarre shapes of the sand walls of the mill. A charging place where the holy abode is built.
The monastery was burned down in the 17th century and barely at the beginning of the 18th century it was rebuilt with funds from donations from all over the country.
The different parts of the monastery date from different times. The interior is remarkable. The details are well preserved and it is even difficult to distinguish the old and the new part. It is believed that the making of the iconostasis with the woodcarving braids was done together with the recovery processes in the 18th century. The stained glass windows made of Venetian glass are interesting and they are unique for Bulgarian churches. Such windows were used only in the houses of wealthy people in the city of Melnik.
The monastery has a miraculous icon of St. Mary, kept in an ark in the chapel “St. St. Cosmas and Damian”. It is a copy of the famous miraculous icon that guarded the gates of Iviron. Information indicates that the abbot of Iviron ordered the painter Jacov to make such an icon to be a gift to the Rozhen Monastery. It is unique in that it includes miniature scenes depicting her miracles and is one of the few icons made of sacred iron. The year written on the icon is 1790.
After 1912, a dispute arose between Bulgaria and Greece over the ownership of the monastery. In 1921, it was finally decided in The Hague in favor of Bulgaria.
The monastery was restored in 1981.

Technical parameters
Metal – silver 999/1000, antique-finish
Quality – matt
Weight – 29 gr
Diameter – 40 mm
Obverse – Rozhen Monastery
Author Plamen Chernev, sculptor at Bulgarian Mint of the Bulgarian National Bank
Reverse – Author`s image of the miraculous icon of St. Mary
Capsule and luxury cardboard packaging

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