Dryanovo Monastery, silver

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The Dryanovo Monastery St. Archangel Michael is among the 10 most revered holy places of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, a national historical monument and a preferred tourist place.
It is located in Northern Bulgaria, 5 kilometers southwest of the town of Dryanovo.
The medieval monastery “St. Archangel Michael” was founded during the time of Tsar Kaloyan, after the relics of St. Michael the Warrior were transferred to Tarnovgrad around 1206. The procession spent the night by the Dryanovska River and according to Christian canons, a monastery was erected on the holy site. Over the centuries, the Dryanovsky Monastery has been the center of Bulgarian education and culture.
It was rebuilt in its current location in 1845. Like other monasteries, it was the guardian of the Bulgarian spirit during the five centuries of Ottoman rule. Vasil Levski, Father Matej Preobrazhenski – Mitkaloto and other revolutionaries took refuge there. A revolutionary committee was established in the monastery.
The monastery played a major role in the preparation of the April Uprising in the First Turnovo District. On April 29, 1876, the detachment of Pope Hariton – the first rebel detachment in Turnovsky District and Bulgaria – entered the Dryanovsky Monastery. Surrounded by the Turks, they waged a 9-day battle and most died for the freedom of Bulgaria. The destroyed and burned down monastery was partially rebuilt and on April 3, 1877, its main temple was solemnly consecrated.
The temple is without murals, with a chalice pierced by a Turkish bullet and holes from Turkish shrapnel in the walls, deliberately left by the builders so as not to forget the past and the Bulgarian suffering.

Technical parameters
Metal – silver 999/1000, antique-finish
Quality – matt
Weight – 29 gr
Diameter – 40 mm
Obverse – Dryanovo Monastery
Author Plamen Chernev, sculptor at Bulgarian Mint of the Bulgarian National Bank
Reverse – Author`s image of the miraculous icon of St. Archangel Michael
Capsule and luxury cardboard packaging

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm