The obverse of the coin features the BNB logo and the year ‘1879’ on the strip; at the top, in circumference, the inscription ‘БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА’ (Bulgarian National Bank), and at the bottom – ‘2 ЛЕВА’ (2 levs) and the year of issue ‘2016’.

The reverse features an image of the poet Pencho Slaveikov, his signature, and to the left thereof the text ‘150 ГОДИНИ ОТ РОЖДЕНИЕТО НА ПЕНЧО СЛАВЕЙКОВ’ (150 Years since the Birth of Pencho Slaveikov) inscribed on two lines in circumference.

Year of issue2016
Nominal value2 levs
MetalCu 999/1000
Qualityproof, mint state
Weight16.4 g
Diameter34.2 mm
Minted byBulgarian Mint
Artistic designPlamen Chernev
using a fragment of a joint project of
Evgeniya Tsankova and Plamen Chernev